Hi, I'm

Dr. Anu Gupta


I help high performing, busy women lose weight & keep it off, by unlocking the power of the brain. 




Hi, I'm

Dr. Anu Gupta 

I help smart, successful, professional women how to beat the binge & reclaim a peaceful relationship with food, body & self



 Permanent Weight Loss starts here...

I know you're ready, I can feel it!


If You

  •  Are stuck in diet-binge-repent cycle & out feel in control around food.
  • Feel ashamed, guilty & disgusted after every binge.

  • Constantly think, "If I'm so smart, why can't I stop overeating?"

  • Find yourself overeating, emotional eating and or stress eating even when you don't want to !

  • You've kind of tried many things (or everything) but your "love for food" keeps blocking your success.

     If so, you are in the right place.



What if I told you that, YOU CAN...


⚡️You could lose all your extra weight in a way that it never comes back...

⚡️ Ditch the diet-binge cycles & create a life of ease and fun around food

⚡️End the overeating episodes & food obsession

⚡️Enjoy your favourite foods without guilt or shame

⚡️LOVE what you see in the mirror every single day... 


Would you believe me?

  Well, it's time !

 You may call it a pipe dream.

 I call it...





 Meet the former yo-yo dieter-binge eater-sugar addict-body hater.


I believed food was my best friend. 

Food was the only constant, that was always there in life! 

Hating my body, dieting, exercising excessively, binging & emotional eating was my secret side life, besides being in medical college. 





My Story...


My story with binge eating dates back to literally childhood !


 In fact, I went on my first diet when I was just 12 years old, when my parents took me to a naturopathy retreat for losing weight.


Before an eventual breakthrough that set me on my current path, I struggled for more than a decade with a very painful relationship with food and my body. I was 30 kilos overweight & had tried every possible diet out there! Every time it was the same story. All diets worked but only for a short while. I would lose some weight but eventually my compulsive overeating & cravings would rear their ugly head & bring me back to square one.

I felt like a failure & I was always searching for a permanent fix that could liberate me from binge-diet cycle & body prison.

And this insanity had given birth to a whole set of behaviors that I resented but felt out of control of, like avoiding going out with friends, spending money on useless slimming gadgets and even expensive (and downright dangerous) diet pills, to suppress my appetite.

I ate compulsively and binged or deprived myself of food altogether, which resulted in constant weight fluctuations.


Even though I had managed to lose my excess weight in college, yet I was frustrated, exhausted & totally fed up of feeling crazy around food.

This battle with my body and food left me burnt out with adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances and my mental and emotional well-being totally shot. I had practically given up hope that I could ever feel sane around food & feel "better" in my body.

My Wake Up Call...


When the pain to continue like this was at its peak, I made a decision. I was done with hating my body & trying to control my binges.


With my firm determination to get to the bottom of things, I came across  NEUROSCIENCE OF COMPULSIVE OVEREATING, MINDFULNESS, SOMATIC EMBODIMENT PRACTICES.


And through years of being in the trenches, workshops, and training, working for, and working with world renowned leaders & mentors in health, transformational coaching, and personal development coupled with a burning desire to heal, I found REAL freedom.



 I've mastered UNLOCKING THE POWER OF BRAIN FOR PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS & so have my clients who have lost hundreds of kilos permanently

& ended the wars with their body & food for life. What this means for you is feeling so confident to create a life you love without your body & food holding you back.

Here's what I can tell you 

  • Compulsive overeating is never really about WHAT you eat but WHY YOU EAT.

  • Until you understand WHY you seek to abandon your body with all the extra food, in the first place, WILL POWER to control food will not help and your struggle will continue.

  • Your ability to handle your EMOTIONS is directly proportional to your binge eating behaviour i.e getting a handle on your mind & emotions is a million dollar skill worth cultivating.


Trying to "control" your food or going on a diet never teaches you what's behind your binge eating and other disempowering  eating habits.



It wasn't until I stopped trying to control my eating & acknowledged some of the "stuff' in my brain & (re) learned the TRUSTING MY BODY that my binges ended & started feeling "normal" around food.




It's time for a new conversation.


It's time women own their worth, have it easy with food, and walk through the world with unabashed body confidence.


Ending the food fight & feeling at home in your body is a possibility that starts with YOU! 

It's time for a new conversation.




It's time women own their worth, have it easy with food, and walk through the world with unabashed body confidence.

And this paradigm shift starts with YOU!

Professional Bio

Dr. Anu Gupta

MBBS, DMRD, Certified Transformational Master NLP Coach, Certified Weight Coach, San Diego, USA

Founder "Weight Wise School"



I really wish I would have got this program in my early twenties. I would have saved myself from a decade of suffering & useless diet attempts. Nevertheless, I overcame my binge eating & ended the battle with food It worked on not only the root cause of my weight issues but also cultivated emotional well being. It instilled unstoppable confidence in me.  


Dr Madhavi Arora
IVF Specialist, Gynaecologist, New Delhi

I never thought what it meant to be not trying to control my food! What a powerful approach on weight loss taught by Dr Anu Gupta. Im not at war with food & my body any more. I’m doing things that I never thought I could do before.


Shubha Iyer
Sanskrit Scholar & Teacher, Chennai

Dr. Anu Gupta is a leader in helping you ditch toxic diet culture & end binge eating. If you’re looking to heal your chronic food issues & reclaim body peace, look no further. Don't settle for a body that you don't love, when there is a greater possibility.


Ingrid Arna
Entrepreneur, CEO Diva Business School

I’ve conquered my food struggles & truly learned to trust my body. What she taught me is so much more than just food & exercise. I feel great & my confidence level is sky high. I eat with peace & finally been able to stop letting my body hold me back!


Khyati Mehra
Entrepreneur, Artist, Technical Lead, Bangalore

I ditched the diet-binge-diet cycle & learned to cope with emotions with kindness rather than using food to numb out. No more hiding or staying small. Oh, and I eat all the carbohydrates & chocolates in the world without fear. This was priceless to learn. 

Sakshi Nagpal
Marketting Lead, Gurgaon

Stop letting your binge eating be a source of pain in your life. Allow Dr Anu to become your new best friend as her “inside-out” approach to ending binge eating & dieting will challenge everything that you think about your body and food, and leave you empowered to make positive changes in your life like never before.


Carey Peters
Founder, Health Coach Institute

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