The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss

Welcome to the first episode of Weight Wise Revolution.

I’m super excited to share my coaching with you in this new format. In this first episode, I give you a little background about me, my weight struggle with extra 30 kilos. I’ll also start with my very first topic — why diets are not the solution for permanent weight loss & what is.

 Once I discovered how to treat the root cause of extra weight, it was like I had won the lottery of the Universe. Looking back, I can say, that my weight struggle has been the best blessing of my life ever.

 I believe losing weight does not have to be a struggle or involve any degree of frustration. Stick with me and week by week we will unravel the exact process of re-wiring your brain to end this struggle for good and we are going to have lots of fun here.

Today, I’m going to talk about the real reason you are still struggling with your weight along with the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle & then I will teach you a super powerful tool that you need to master to solve the weight struggle for good.

This missing piece is the exact reason you are stuck in weight loss-weight gain cycle. And this has nothing to do with any diet or exercise or your love for food. In fact, even women who have will power of steel struggle with their weight because of this exact reason.

So tune in to thoroughly understand this. Today I’m also laying the foundation of a brilliant tool that will help you master weight loss like never before. This tool will prove to be instrumental in ending your weight struggle for good. So make sure, you listen all through the end. 



  •  Why going on diets is a sure shot way to keep struggling with the weight.
  • What is the ONLY solution to end the weight struggle forever.
  • What needs to happen to lose weight permanently.
  • The missing piece of weight loss puzzle.
  • The life changing distinction called THE THOUGHT MODEL. 


Mentioned on the show

  • The Thought Model:



can trigger


which cause


which cause


which cause


The result is always proof or evidence of the original thought.


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