Hunger Paradox & Weight Loss

So what is hunger paradox, why it is important for you to understand it, if you want to end the weight struggle & how not knowing about it keeps is in body jail & never ending diet drama. That is what I’m teaching you in today’s episode.

Understanding how hunger feels in your body is critical skill in losing weight for good. Also, women who struggle with their weight often have a hard time distinguishing between true physical hunger & emotional hunger.

So let me teach you how to sharpen your ninja hunger skills that you didn’t even know existed.

Dive in today’s episode to learn the skill of “doing” hunger such that it serves you rather than keeping you stuck in the weight war. how to shift your relationship with true hunger.



  • What is hunger paradex & why it is important for you to practice it?
  • What is the inbuilt primal fear in our brains that keep us in never ending diet drama & body jail?
  • How can you distinguish between true & false hunger?
  • The BS lie that almost all experts keep saying that exponentially increase the weight struggle
  • The practical step to implement today’s concept.


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