5 Basics For Permanent Weight Loss

In today’s episode I’m teaching you the 5 basic simple action steps that will cause you to lose the weight & get to your ideal weight for good.

I call these 5 fundamental steps that you need to practice to get down & stay at your goal weight. I’m all about working on your brain which includes your thoughts & emotions that cause you to overeat. But then I do asked every single day, "Anu, all that is amazing & life changing but still tell me what to eat & what to do to lose weight?" So here is my answer for that.



  • 5 simple, doable, daily action steps to lose & maintain your weight.
  • Why you must master these steps such that these become a part of your identity?
  • Why weight loss is not about losing weight & is also about losing weight?
  • Why it’s almost a guarantee that you will lose all your extra weight if you follow these steps?


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