Must Know Truth About Emotional Eating (Part 1)

If you ever wonder whether or not you are an emotional eater, the answer may surprise you. If there is something that I want for you from the deepest core of my being, it is this. In this episode, I’m talking about emotional eating & processing emotions in my opinion is a million dollar skill that you must learn and apply in your life.

 Not just this will help you lose weight permanently but this one skill will literally free you from the holds of unmanageable emotions in life. What this means is truly being resilient, taking more risks & going after your dreams with all that you have.

 Tune in to dive into this enriching conversation of what it means to be an emotional eater & begin your fascinating journey to process your emotions powerfully without relying on food.



  • Whether or not you are an emotional eater?
  • What does emotional eating mean?
  • Biggest misconnections about emotional eating?
  • How emotional eating shows up in our day to day life?
  • Why even bother to solve the issue of emotional eating?


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