The ONLY Solution To End Emotional Eating (Part 2)

In continuation with our topic of emotional eating, today I’ll teach you how to truly feel an emotion instead of reacting to it by eating. I believe learning the skill of feeling your feelings without using food stands in the way of you losing the weight permanently or not.

Once I learned how to feel my feelings, that was the turning point of my life. It not just meant that I lost all the extra weight for good, it also meant that I could go after all my other desires that apparently I found risky or too hard to pursue. Let’s dive in today’s topic which will surely prove to be immensely valuable in your life.


  • How the belief, “I feel better by eating” keeps you struggling with your weight?
  • How to cultivate the skill of feeling an emotion instead of reacting to it by eating?
  • What is an emotion & how to differentiate it from biological sensation of hunger?
  • What is the difference between resisting an emotion & allowing an emotion?

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