What To Do When You Have Cravings? The Secret

Do you struggle with food cravings? Have you tried using will power to say no to your favourites foods only to realise that it doesn’t work for long? And have you ever wondered why you even have cravings, especially when trying to lose weight? 

In this episode I'm unpacking the worst nightmare of a chronic dieter and a weight struggler….cravings!

So, I always used to wonder that why is it that I do so well on my diet for the first week or so and then get hit by cravings that derail all my progress and even motivation. And then I also used to ask the dieticians as to how to deal with cravings…you know that urge to eat that chocolate pastry that your best friend orders while you are having sugar less coffee!

 But the answer I always got from dieticians & nutritionists was make a “healthier” version of whatever you crave & you are good to go.

The other common responses to this question that I commonly see floating in the weight loss world are -

Suck it up…it’s all about will power. You got to have a strong will power or else you are doomed to succumb to your cravings. Or call a friend, talk to your mom or get a pedicure…This is how we are taught how to manage our cravings.

And let me tell you that I have tried all these methods and that is why I can tell you with 110% confidence that these do not work long term.

In fact they don’t work at all and leave you more frustrated and powerless around food, body and your weight. Sooner or later you end up giving in to the craving and you end up hating yourself in the process….

 Still the higher part of you yearns to have a better body and a peaceful relationship with food. It clearly knows that something better is possible.

Well, I would say that once you understand the anatomy of cravings…the urge to overeat, you can literally rewire your brain in a way that not only the the cravings diminish in intensity & frequency, with time they are no longer an issue are no longer.

Dive in today's episode to learn the secret to claiming your power over cravings.


  • The root cause of cravings that will totally surprise you
  • Why the common advise of dealing with cravings always backfires & makes you gain more weight
  • The ultimate way to manage the cravings - the teaching that will change your life & end the weight struggle.

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