Filling Foods Vs Filler Foods + 5 Tips To Fuel Your Diet

Hi there. Welcome to Episode 12. How are you doing? I hope you having a good time. You know this week, my little girl said something that I wanted to share with you. She recently 7 and she is in grade 2. She said mumma, I have decided that I want to slim down and so no more chips, only fruits for snacks. So in this episode I wanted to have a conversation about the two broad categories of food. Some of you might find this too simplistic but let me tell you what I have learned in my life that simplicity is power.

 It’s so overlooked because our brains want to stay confused and as a result not make progress all in the guise of comfort and safety while our best lives pass by. And also when we simplify the concepts, that is when the real transformation takes place.


  • How to distinguish "Filling Foods" from "Filler Foods"
  • 5 tips to fuel your diet & design your weight loss plate
  • The dietary factors that determine how satisfied you will be after you eat your meal
  • How "palatability" aka the taste index of a food trips us over & cause us to eat more

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