What To Do When You Feel Guilty About Overeating?

Do you feel guilty when you overeat? Is food guilt a this a good thing or a bad thing? Do you feel guilty about not being able to do enough for your body weight and health? In this episode, let’s unpack guilt. 

You know, I once did a program, a body image program which was quite good and I got a ton of value from it. In that program, I became friends with a wonderful, bright woman from California.

And I remember this one instance where we were discussing about our recent overeating episodes. I was feeling very guilty about this last binge that I had a few days back. But my friend who also happened to binge a few days back said, “Girl, don’t feel guilty. Why are you feeling guilty. After this program, I have decided to never feel guilty no matter how much I eat. I crush the guilt the moment it arises and eat like a badass.”

 Now lemme tell you that she thinking this way is not her fault. This is how I have seen many experts talk about guilt, especially in the field of intuitive eating…which is another topic that I would dive in in near future. This is a common advise. F the guilt. You should never feel it just because you ate something that you love. Period.

 Now this advise…and this line of thinking is a problem. Firstly because you cannot get rid of guilt just by resolving to not feel it. The only thing you are doing then is suppressing it and pretending that its not there. And with time, the guilt that you suppress makes you eat more, not less which by the way is not a very beneficial way to live.

 So today, I want to give you 3 powerful insights about guilt so that you are not stuck with underlying guilt as well as take advantage of this powerful emotion and make it work for you.


  • Is feeling "guilty" after you binge or overeat, a good thing or a bad thing
  • How guilt is generated & how it can be used powerfully
  • Why chronic underlying guilt keeps past keeps you overweight
  • How to get unstuck from "guilt"

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