How Often Should You Weigh Yourself (if at all) ?

Should you throw away your weighing scale? Yes-No-Maybe. 

Should you not care about the number on the weighing machine? How often should you weigh yourself? 

All this & much more…today, we are talking all about the weighing scale.

In today’s episode, I want to ask you how is your relationship with the weighing scale?

I mean are you aware of how much you exactly weigh?

Or you have a rough idea? When did you last weigh yourself? Today morning? Last week…last year?

 Many of my clients haven’t weighed themselves in years & when I ask them why, the usual replies are

I hate weighing myself or I didn’t bother

 And and also, I also come across women although much less than the former categories who say to me,

Oh, I weigh myself everyday & sometimes, multiple times a day! 

So, which category, do you belong to?

Today, I want to teach you how to use the weighing scale as one of the most powerful tools in the journey towards permanent weight loss & body confidence.



  • How throwing away the weighing scale is a bad idea
  • Why even weighing yourself once a week keeps you stuck in weight prison
  • The myth of number on the weighing scale
  • A new way to transform your relationship with the scale (and your Self)


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